Integrated Simulation and Optimization of H2 Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel (COPV)

Filament winding is an automated fabrication process for producing composite structures where fibers are wound onto a rotating mandrel.

This technique become a leading technology in producing high pressure composite vessels (COPV) used for H2 storage for Energy, Aerospace and Transportation Industries. Today, filament winding engineering requires to face upcoming challenges of high cost / high value applications like for instance mass-production for hydrogen passenger vehicles or weight optimization for spaceships propulsion systems.

In this presentation, we suggest an integrated approach to design, simulate and optimize a pressure vessel using Abaqus/FEA and WoundSim software, a new generation tool to design and simulate composite overwrapped pressure vessels.

WoundSim can be consided as the replacement solution of the WCM SIMULIA Abaqus Plugin.

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