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Engineering Consultancy

S VERTICAL has a variety of expertise areas to help your business thrive.

We have the hands-on experience to support you on your projects and make them a success. We are specialized on numerical simulation with Simulia products (ABAQUS, Isight . . . )

Our consulting offer

S VERTICAL offers two consulting modes to support you on your projects and make your business progress: 

      - Within customer engineering teams consulting

      - In-house project based consulting

      - On site missions

We pride ourselves on our accuracy, deep experience, responsive customer service, and dependable delivery.

Our team have performed several FE-Analysis projects for different customers coming from different industries. On top of their existing ABAQUS knowledge, all of our staff have followed a complete training program in order to master all the data.


We promote the Technical Followup, the Support and the continues Skills Development of our engineers.

Contact us to learn more about our counsultancy offers, we will be happy to provide you with a quick quotation.

References & Areas of Expertise :


Structural Analysis

Static / Thermal / Dynamic


S VERTICAL Onshore Pipeline.png


ABAQUS Scripting

Plugins Development

Process Integration

Parametric Optimization

Topology Optimization

Weight Reduction


S VERTICALFitness For Services.png

S VERTICAL Casing Integrity.png

S VERTICAL CFD Analysis.png


S VERTICALCar Crash tests.png


Desktop Development

Standalone Simulation Tools

Web Development

Enterprise Digital Transformation 

Contact us to learn more about our advanced FEA capabilities, we will be happy to provide you with a free demonstration.

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