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Big decision made for FULL Academic usage of WoundSim software, It's free !

Our wish to make the academic community using, testing and enhancing our WoundSim software is more than important. However, long purshase processes and budgets restrictions because of the ww sanitary situation, have avoided many academic users to access our software.

For this reason, we are happy to annonce that S VERTICAL and QustomApps have made the decision to give our tool for free for every academic user who wiches to access it !

The only condition is to use the software for studing, education or full academic research, without having an industrial customer founding for the research project.

When the research project is founded by an industrial customer, the software can be distributed with 50% of the commercial price.

We will be waiting for your licenses requests ! Enjoy !

Note: Countries where WoundSim is distributed thru a distribution partner can have different conditions to access WoundSim for free.

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