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Introduction To WoundSim

Updated: May 20, 2020

WoundSIM is a powerful tool used to design and simulate composite overwarpped pressure vessels (COPVs).

A graphical interface is used to instantly view the composite layup as the table of the

composite layers is defined. Layers thickness buildup is automatically calculated, along with the continuously varying wind angles. Smeared material properties are computed and assigned throughout the COPV.

A run ready FEA model is generated thanks to the integrated FEA software translator.

WoundSim can be considered a replacement solution for WCM pligin developed by SIMULIA.


This tool has a set of comprehensive features that ensure a rapid design and simulation of composite pressure vessels reservoirs:

- Democratized tool with a comprehensive and standalone user interface.

- User interface short time response accelerating design duration.

- Comprehensive and well-chosen design parameters allowing a quick layers variation.

- Quick and fully automated FEA models generation

- Winding problems anticipation.

- Smart layup rendering allowing layers selection and intersections detection.

- Design of experiment capabilities for parametric design optimization.

- Full compatibility with SIMULIA Abaqus software

- No need for Fortran compiler to post-process specific material outputs.

- Compatibility with filament winding software.

- Models calibration and correlation with produced reservoir measurements.

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