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European Project D3T4H2S: A data driven digital twin for improved hydrogen storage vessels.

S VERTICAL is happy to announce her participation to this project as a coordinator with academic partners from Europe and Africa.

3T4H2S aims to develop a data driven digital twin for improved hydrogen storage vessels towards challenges for energy transition.

Aim of the project

Elaborate a hybrid carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide 12 composite doped with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for designing ultralight cryogenic composite vessels (ULCCVs).

Conduct a multiscale and multi-physical study of the long-term behavior of the CF-reinforced PA12/CNT composite at cryogenic temperatures.

Develop an expert tool for life-cycle management and predictive maintenance of ULCCVs.


The project is implemented across multiple countries, including France, Romania, Morocco, and South Africa.

S VERTICAL (Coordinator, France)

•ENSTA Bretagne (ENSTA Bretagne, France)

•International University of Rabat (Morocco)

•University of South Africa (South Africa ).

•University Dunărea de Jos (Romania)

•University Hassan II Casablanca (Morocco)


Key challenges addressed by the project

1.Efficiency of Storage: Rigidity, strength, and fatigue behavior of the hydrogen vessel,

2.Safety Concerns: Hydrogen, being highly flammable, poses safety challenges. Predictive analytics from a digital twin can help anticipate and mitigate potential risks associated with hydrogen storage.

3.Economic Viability : Assessment of cost targets and feasibility in production,

4.Real-time Monitoring : Data-driven insights to offer real-time monitoring of the storage vessels for factors like pressure, temperature, and structural integrity,

5.Integration with Renewable Energy: To facilitate the energy transition, it's critical to integrate hydrogen storage with renewable energy sources

With this project, S VERTICAL confirms the position of WoundSim, as a new generation software to design, simulate and optimize composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs), mainly used as hydrogen storage tanks.

S VERTICAL can welcome any partner who would like to setup consorciums around the topic of design composite pressure vessels.

Congratulation, good luck and all the best to this team to achieve targets of this projects !

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