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Thermoplastic Composite for H2 Tanks Serial Production, a dream becoming reality ?

(Image Courtesy of CETIM)

As part of reducing the carbon footprint of mobility solutions, the development of the hydrogen sector requires the design, manufacturing and certification of new mobile storage solutions that are both efficient and effective and meet the needs of these players. In terms of lightness, technicality, impact resistance, durability and recyclability with, of course, an optimized manufacturing cost.

Tape winding is becoming a viable solution for hydrogen tank production with HySPIDETP! The new machine acquired by our partner Cetim displays increased performance which makes it possible to consider producing this type of part at costs compatible with the industry.

A speed multiplied by 10!

With this new robotic cell dedicated to the manufacture of thermoplastic parts (TP) by deposition and consolidation in situ (in real time without any other step necessary) by laser heating, Cetim intends to demonstrate the industrial interest of the technology after having shown the technical feasibility of the thermoplastic winding process to produce hydrogen tanks. Its main asset? A new head for depositing “tapes” developed by the German AFPT which, thanks in particular to an additional axis, multiplies by 10 the speed of deposit compared to SPIDE TP, the old generation of machine already installed and optimized by Cetim . The deposition speed will be significantly increased in the cylindrical zone but also in the “domes” of the tanks: the hemispherical parts on each end. It can thus reach 100 m/min on the cylindrical parts and 15 m/min in the domes.

S VERTICAL is engaged together with CETIM to provide the relevent design and manufaturing engineering solution to the industry palayers to allow them having a dedicated tool to design, optimise and manumafture TP composite tanks, WoundSim (loading ...).


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