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WoundSim V1R3 Release Notes

Main new features :

  • Layer maximum thickness computation, now a default value is calculated from roving band width with the possibility to overwrite this default value

  • Control of the layers' end caps shapes for both helical and hoop layers using an end-cap factor.

  • Addition of new layers parameters (e.g thickness, band width) to offer more flexibility during the model creation

  • Visualization of Abaqus mesh partitions in WoundSim user interface

  • Extension of user controls for mesh generation (e.g mesh type, number of enhancements loops, mesh timeout)

  • Enhancement of mesh performance

Main bug fixes:

  • Layers intersections that may occur for models with high number of layers

  • Layers intersection that may occur for layers with small thicknesses

  • Long processing time for mesh generation that may occur for some models

  • Abaqus sketches creation errors for specific models

  • Correlation tab bugs

  • Abaqus plugin path plots correction

Coming in next releases:

Release of june 2020:

  • Addition of import layup from csv files

  • Post-processing of Abaqus results to allow reservoirs optimization

  • Smoothing of layers geometry

Release of august 2020

  • Addition of 3D continuum, 3D shell and axisymmetric shells models

  • Release of a new Abaqus/CAE integration (plugin) allowing more flexibility during the FE model creation (e.g partitions, re-meshing)

  • Addition of layers overlap controls

  • Addition of layers rounded end caps

Download PDF • 273KB

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